Jim Hadley, CEO

Organically Growing Your Brand

I’m Jim Hadley, the CEO and owner of CMC Organic. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, I always had a strong passion for cannabis, inspired by the constant view of the cali industry in our music and TV shows like "Weeds." I admired the dedication to the plant they displayed & the great quality they represented. I entered the cannabis industry from the ground up, starting with harvesting, trimming, and curing cannabis for a major commercial management group in Washington named Perfect Harvest. Within six months of hard work, I earned a salary position in marketing and sales. With a long-standing eye for photography and art, I applied my skills to cannabis marketing and saw immediate results. Gratefully, some of the owners of Perfect Harvest invested in me to start my own company, and since 2022, I have been running CMC Organic. Working my way from the bottom to the top was an amazing experience, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities the cannabis industry has given me. I have worked across six states in the cannabis/hemp industry. I started my agency because I saw the hassle it took to launch a single product idea for a CEO. I experienced the challenges of coordinating photography, social media, and other marketing efforts. To streamline these processes, I created a company that offers all these services under one roof, making it easier for the cannabis industry to market their products. As someone who deeply understands the industry, I am dedicated to providing genuine, effective marketing solutions—not looking to capitalize on the market, but contributing to its growth and success while doing what I love.